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Questions for Eye Lash Artist

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Short Answer

When qualifying an eye lash artist for your needs, consider getting thorough answers to these questions and others:

  1. What are the artist’s credentials? i.e. training, certification, and experience
  2. Is a consultation session included, and will there be a patch test as well?
  3. What are the artist’s hygiene standards like? Is the salon sanitary?
  4. What kind of adhesives and lashes does the artist use, and do they have the sufficient product knowledge?
  5. Are they able to provide constructive feedback when picking a style that suits you best?
  6. Are they able to properly explain how to properly care for your lashes after your session?


Regardless if it’s your first time getting eye lash extensions or not, there are some questions you need to ask your eye lash artist, both before and after your first session. These questions are all about finding the best artist for your needs, understanding what the procedure includes, and lastly, to understand how to best take care of your lashes. From our own experience, here are the best questions to ask and some common answers you might get from your artist.

Credentials and experience

Training and certification

Eyes and eye lashes are delicate parts of the face, and naturally, there are increased risks involved when getting any work done on or around those areas. You want to make sure that you select an artist that has the right qualifications, and that they were trained by a qualified instructor. There are many certification programs and instructors out there, but not all were made equal. For example, different eye lash styles involve different techniques, which will have their own certifications. It’s possible that an artist is professionally trained in one, but not necessarily the other. It’s also possible that an artist has been trained by an instructor that does not have some sort of instructor's license - this is considered as improper within the industry and should be considered as a red flag.

Verifying an artist’s credentials can be relatively easy, since many like to have a strong social media presence. See if they have their credentials listed on their profiles, but don’t be afraid to ask if they do not. Look into their expertise - what types of eye lashes to they specialize in, and is it appropriate for you. Read their reviews, and even consider visiting the salon just to see how it is for yourself.


As with the artist’s formal training, we need to consider their experience. This doesn’t mean you have to ignore any beginner artists, because after all, they need somewhere to start and might be just as capable. That said, you may want to go with someone more experienced if you have a specific style in mind that might be more advanced. This holds true if it is your first time getting extensions and you are unsure of what style you want, since an experienced artist may be able to provide better advise that is tailored for you.

Once again, take a look at their social media or website (if available). Many eye lash artists will post before and after pictures of some of their previous clients. Take a closer look at their work, and more specifically, look for the following:

  1. You should not be able to see the adhesive or any residue of it
  2. The lashes should appear clean and tidy
  3. They should also not appear clumped (this is a sign that the placement was done incorrectly)
  4. The lashes should not be distorted in any way, such as individual lashes straying away in different directions

Consultations and patch tests

A truly professional artist will typically offer a consultation for new clients, either as a separate appointment, or on the same day as your first procedure. The consultation is an opportunity to fully understand what the procedure will be, and to receive advise for the best styles that could work you specifically. A patch test is also very common, to test if you have any possible allergies to the adhesives used. Ask the artist if they offer these kinds of sessions in advance.

Hygiene standards

A properly trained and certified eye lash artist will know how to keep their work area, tools, and products hygienic and tidy, as well as the client’s eyes and eye lashes sanitized throughout the procedure. Be sure to ask your artist about what the standard practices are regarding hygiene if you are unsure about anything. Take a mental note of this when visiting their salon as well.

The products being used


When it comes to eye lashes, what is being applied is just as important as how it is applied and by who. Naturally, the adhesive will be set relatively close to your eyes, so it is worth being extra sure about the safety of the product being used. The artist should have a decent understanding of the ingredients in the adhesive, as well as any risks associated with them. Make sure they are not using an adhesive that contains formaldehyde, as it can irritate the eyes and the area around the eyes. The adhesive must be medical grade, and should ideally be based on butylcyanoacrylate and octylcyanoacrylate.


Ask your artist if you could look at and even feel some of the lashes. They should be soft, flexible, and light enough so as not to be heavy on the eyelids or irritate your eyes. Another thing to note is that lashes that are too thick or long could damage your natural ones.

Styling advise

The right style for you

Just like other cosmetic procedures, some looks will look better on you than others. Eye lash artists are trained to identify what styles work with various face and eye shapes. Ask your artist to suggest a few of the best looks for you, even if you have some ideas in mind already. The conversation of which style to go with is based on these aspects; the length, thickness, number of lashes (density), and the overall look (the curl).

Main types of extensions

As mentioned earlier, different styles of eye lash extensions may involve more advanced application techniques and, therefore, different certifications. Consider working with an artist that can work with the types of extensions you would ultimately like to go with. The more styles an artist is trained and experienced in, the more they can help you make a decision.

If you want to go a look that focuses on enhancing the natural look of your lashes, consider asking your artist about a set of classic extensions. If, by contrast, you want lashes that stand out, ask them about styles that offer more volume, such as one called “Russian lashes.”

Proper Aftercare

Either during your consultation or after the procedure, your artist should tell you how to best take care of your lashes. This is crucial so that the extensions last longer, and that the look is maintained with the least amount of interference. It also keeps them sanitary, as it prevents bacteria and residues from building up on and in between the lashes.

Here are some general pointers we highly recommend applying:

  1. Wash and brush your lashes daily
  2. Avoid oil-based products when washing them
  3. Sleep on your back or side
  4. It’s safe to wet and cleanse your lashes (some artists will suggest not to - this is deeply false)

Regarding mascara

It’s safe to use mascara even after having eye lash extensions applied, but there are a couple things to be mindful of. Firstly, keep the mascara to a minimum. Only go on the tips of the lashes at most, and avoid applying any on the base of your lashes as it can cause them to start clumping together. Secondly, avoid waterproof mascara at all costs. This is because it can pull off your extensions since the mascara is harder to take off.

Making the extensions last as long as possible

How long your extensions last is largely based on how well you take care of them. Try to keep your lashes dry for between 24 to 48 hours after your appointment. This helps ensure that the adhesive doesn’t break down right away, but as stated before, getting them wet afterwards is fine. Make sure to brush your lashes in the morning, evening, and after showering so they do not get tangled. Lastly, make sure you are using products will work best at keeping your lashes clean without damaging the extensions.

Proceeding treatments

Depending largely on how well you take care of your extensions and your lifestyle, they can typically last anywhere between two to six weeks. We suggest booking your next appointment somewhere around two to four weeks after the initial procedure. This session to maintain the look of your extensions is called an “infill.”

Removing eye lash extensions

If you need to remove your extensions for whatever reason, make sure you don’t try to do so yourself. This is because you could rip out your natural lashes in the process if you are not careful. We strongly recommend making an appointment with your artist. A true professional will be happy to help you remove them if needed.

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