How to Find the Right Lash Artist for You

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Short Answer

To find the right eyelash artist for you, try following these steps:

  1. Look online for social media profiles or websites of eye lash artists in your area
  2. Read the reviews, the credentials, and take a look at the artist’s previous work
  3. Contact the artist, and schedule a consultation if possible to clear up any and all questions you may have
  4. Don’t ignore inexperienced artists entirely, but be aware of their capabilities compared to what style of eye lashes you want to achieve


Finding the right eye lash artist is like finding the right person for anything else. It’s something you don’t want to rush into. You want to find someone you can trust and depend on for all manners of gorgeous eye lashes and regular touch ups. In this article, we will show you some of the best tips and tricks for narrowing down your search to the perfect one for you!

Initial research

Eye lash artists largely depend on having a strong online presence in order to increase their exposure to the target market. It is very likely that you can make a suitable list of artists without having to invest that much time and effort. Here are some things to consider as you look up different artists and eventually make a decision on who to go with.

Finding artists in your area

Naturally, the best place to start is just to ask your friends and family. If you absolutely love the eye lashes of someone you know, ask them who the artist was and how their experience was - no harm in asking! After that comes social media, as many artists focus on sharing their work there. Try Facebook and Instagram, as these are especially active places amongst eye lash artists. A powerful trick to finding artists in your area is to type the name of your town, followed by “eye lashes.” You can even do this as a hashtag (#yourareaeyelashes).

Read the reviews

Read through some of the more recent reviews, and look for clues that give you a general impression of what the artist is like and the work that they do. Do they specialize in certain styles and techniques? Focus especially on any negative reviews they might have, and look at how they respond to them. Do they respond within a reasonable amount of time, and try to correct the issues somehow?

Look at their work

Artists who are serious about their craft will regularly post before and after photos of the client’s lashes. More specifically, they will often post pictures from their perspective and as a close up shot, so prospective clients can get a good idea of how well the artist has applied the adhesive. Frequent posts like these indicate that the artist is getting regular practice, and that they are increasingly in demand.

Training, certification, license, and insurance

It’s also worth noting the artist’s credentials, as it can tell you a lot about their level of expertise and commitment to continue developing further. For example, an artist may have completed some training with an industry brand, but have decided to train further with a reputable artist. The same goes with certifications, as there are several different ones available for eye lashes. Being an eye lash artist is a continuous process of learning and practice, so look at what the’ve achieved so far, but also what they’re working on now.

The license and insurance indicate that they are registered through the proper channels, and have met certain expectations in order to operate their business. For example, an accredited artist is expected to have a basic understanding of bacterial sanitation, as well as the basic techniques for applying extensions and the adhesives. One way to check some of their credentials, as well as any possible disputes they have had is to check with your local consumer protection agency. Some will have dedicated search tools to help validate some of the information you may have gathered from your research so far.

Lastly, note that a professional artist will ask you to sign some consent forms upon your first visit. These forms help indicate that the artist has explained the procedure in full detail, as well as the risks, such as a potential allergy to the adhesive (more on this shortly).

Contacting artists

Now that you have some artists in mind, it’s time to check them out and compare them. At this point, you will want to speak to the artist directly, over the phone and eventually in person. This will give you a better understanding of who they are and if they are a best fit for you. Here are some things to make a note of while contacting the eye lash artists.

Calling the artist

It doesn’t hurt to call the artist if there are still questions that you were not able to answer through your research so far. Don’t be afraid to ask them about anything, such as how long they’ve been practicing, what are their credentials, what sorts of brands do they use, what are their specializations, what is their availability, and more. How the artist responds to your questions and what they say could give you a more thorough indication of their professionalism, and perhaps interest you enough to book a session with them.

Visiting the artist

Another great option is to drop by their place of business and see what it’s really like for yourself. As already mentioned, don’t be afraid to clear up all of your unanswered questions, but look around as well. Is the atmosphere relaxing? Is it hygienic? A certified artist would know that they need to sterilize their equipment in between sessions, as well as wash their hands before beginning any treatment on a client. Make a mental note of your own observations and go from there.

Consultation sessions

Many eye lash artists will offer consultations for new clients in order to standardize the process of explaining the procedure, the risks, their credentials, and answering any additional questions you may still have. Many will also perform a patch test, which is to help determine if you have any allergies to the adhesives used. These sessions could be before your treatment appointment, or as a dedicated appointment of its own.

Another key part of the consultation is to discuss possible styles you may want to consider for your treatment. The artist may, for example, recommend one type of extension over others because it compliments your natural look, while still achieving the desired style. This part of the session is where you can really see their expertise and experience shine.

New vs. experienced artists

Although we talk a lot about vetting an artist based on their level of experience, we don’t want to suggest completely sidelining new artists either. There are many very talented, albeit still up-and-coming artists that might actually be a great fit for you. If you find an artist that seems very promising, don’t ignore them because they lack experience - remember, they need somewhere to start just like their peers did.

One idea to consider is asking the artist if you could serve as a model for them or their class, while they finish up their different certifications and training. Many times, they’ll offer discounts in exchange, as well as touch ups as needed. That said, however, you may need someone more experienced if your desired eye lash style is more complex, and, therefore, required advanced techniques.

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