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Lash lifts vs. lash extensions

Lash extensions are still incredibly popular, no doubt, however, there are some great reasons for considering getting a lash lift instead. Firstly, lash lifts can be more “low-maintenance” when compared to extensions, because they are not as delicate. You don’t have to worry about constantly avoiding water (except for the first 24 hours) or adjusting and brushing your lashes. Lash lifts are also less dramatic, as they focus more on the curl and less on increasing lash volume.

Preparing for your lash lift appointment

Before coming in, it’s important to keep your eyelashes in an as-natural state as possible. Avoid caffeine prior to your appointment, as your eyes can flutter unnaturally during the procedure. Also, avoid wearing contacts, concealer, eye makeup of any kind, and don’t curl your eyelashes on the day of your appointment. Please be sure to arrive at least ten minutes earlier so that the consultation forms can be completed promptly. 


The aftercare

After your appointment, we recommend using a lash serum to help your lashes grow longer and stronger. It is also important to keep your lashes moisturized, which can be done with oils that are safe to use around the eyes and lashes. That said, avoid getting your lashes wet for the next 24 hours. Don’t sleep face down as well, since this could damage the lashes, and don’t pull on your lashes either.  

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