What is a Universal Contour Wrap

What is a Universal Contour Wrap

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Universal Contour Wrap© Classic Body Wraps have been able to inspire confidence in men and women for over 25 years, to over 5 million clients in over 1000 salons globally. It's backed by a six-inch loss guarantee, in just one treatment, or your money back, no questions asked.

Universal Contour Wrap's unique wrapping technique is a genuine contouring process combined with its exclusive classic clay solution. It features five key ingredients that are all-natural and completely hypoallergenic. The treatment results in better shaping of the body through cleansing, toning and tightening of the skin and soft fatty tissues. In 2 short hours, you'll experience instant and lasting inch-loss, nearly 30 days after treatment.

The original inch-loss body wrap treatment, designed by Dr. Richard Strem over 12 years of exhaustive research, helps you to feel more body confident, positive and feel your best every day. Whether you need instant and lasting inch-loss, detoxification or cellulite reduction, every treatment is designed to help you feel more body confident.

Classic Body Wrap Considerations: Who should vs. shouldn't carry out the treatment?

The Universal Contour Wrap© Classic Body Wrap is not just for those who are overweight, it is equally suitable for anyone looking to tone and shape their figure regardless of size or weight.

It's meant to help:

  • Wedding Brides
  • Those who want immediate results (ex. for a  wedding or holiday)
  • Reduce loose skin after pregnancy or weight changes
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks
  • Men with problem stomachs and waists
  • Dieters looking to kick-start their slimming plan
  • Those who want to target excess inches in stubborn area
  • Busy people looking to keep their shape when they have no time to exercise
  • Joint and arthritis pain

With this treatment in mind, there are certain health conditions that may result in the client being unable to be wrapped. Prior to treatment, it's important that a treatment certificate is completed before each wrap in order to assess the physical suitability of the client. It must be signed and dated appropriately.

Cases where the client must not be wrapped

  • Lymphatic Cancer: stage 3, co remission (Doctor’s Note Required)
  • Pregnancy at any stage
  • Phlebitis: the swelling of veins (Doctor’s Note Required)
  • Emphysema: If the client does light exercise and medication doesn't conflict with the Universal Contour Wrap© treatment, then treatment is possible. Otherwise, if the client is unable to walk on own, Block NGO!
  • Breast Feeding: post-treatment and if using a pump.

*If a doctor’s note is required, the doctor must specifically allow the client to receive Universal Contour Wrap© treatment, otherwise the treatment will not be performed.

Cases where the client should be wrapped with caution

  • Allergies to metals mined from the earth: Zinc in particular. Safe for clients who have thyroid issues.
  • Recent operation: Post-treatment, 6 months following treatment is fine, unless it involved open wounds.
  • Heart Problems or Cancer: Please consult with your general practitioner prior to treatment.
  • Epilepsy: the clay solution or wrapping process is unlikely to bring on an attack, but once the client is bandaged, it may be difficult to put them in the recovery position if necessary. It's therefore recommended that you ask your general practitioner prior to first treatment, and also consult with your beautician about how you need to be treated should a fit occur.
  • Circulatory or Respiratory Problems (Pacemaker): Varicose veins and asthmatics do not need to be wrapped tightly around the chest area and ensure the client has their inhaler to hand.
  • High Blood Pressure: Provided the client is taking their medication to control their blood pressure, they can be wrapped normally.
  • Low Blood Pressure: Positioning the client, sitting up to avoid unnecessary dizziness.
  • Skin Diseases or Disorders: This wrap solution is excellent for conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema, but avoid broken skin or open sores. Any contagious skin conditions should not be wrapped.
  • Post-Natal:  six months following vaginal birth or Cesarian sectio

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