What to Look For in a Lash Artist?

What to look for in Eye Lash Artist

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Short Answer

Here are the main things to look for when selecting an eye lash artist:

  1. Their credentials: where they trained and what certifications they hold
  2. Which types of eye lash styles to they focus on specifically
  3. Previous experience: the artist should have examples of previous clients, often in the form of before and after photos of their lashes
  4. Proper hygiene and sanitation standards
  5. Sufficient understanding of the products being used and their risks


Finding the right eye lash artist, especially if it’s your first time, can appear intimidating. With many artists or technicians out there, as well as styles and products, it can be difficult to know what to look for. In this article, we are going to focus on some of the common signs of a truly professional eye lash artist.



The training the artist has completed can indicate a lot about their level of experience and expertise. Some instructors and institutions, for instance, provide more thorough practice of the relevant eye lash techniques than others could provide. Additionally, the artist may have taken the initiative on their own to further their eye lash career by pursuing training from various industry brands and from reputable artists.


There are multiple certifications available for eye lash artists. They are typically for different application techniques, as some styles require more advanced techniques in order to be achieved. A dedicated artist will often further their learning on a continuous basis by getting certified in more advanced areas of eye lash extensions and practicing them more frequently.


To add to the previous points, eye lash artists may indicate which styles they focus on specifically with their clients. This could be for different reasons, such as because of the limitation of their acquired certifications, the styles they are most comfortable working on, or based on the highest demand in their local area. Note that highly reputable artists that focus on specific styles are more often than not in increased demand, meaning you might have to wait longer for getting an appointment and it may cost more. This does not mean, however, that other artists can’t achieve the same style that you would like.


Before and after photos

Marketing eye lash extensions as a service means showcasing the artist’s work as often as possible. Be sure to see if the artist has a website or social media profiles. See if they show before and after photos of their client’s eye lashes. Note that the lashes should look tidy and without clumps, plus there should be no visible signs of adhesive anywhere. For those wondering, these pictures are available for you to view because the client has agreed to sign a waiver allowing the artist to take and share the pictures. The artist may ask you if you are okay with pictures of your lashes being taken and shared as well.


Reviews can tell us a lot about the quality of both the artist’s services as well as their customer service. It’s interesting to point out just how immediate and open customer reviews are online, and especially on social media. People who want to share their experiences, either good or bad, tend to do so soon after their visit, and may be willing to share more details about the visit overall. Take some time to read through the recent reviews, but make sure to read both positive and negative ones. For any negative reviews, see if the artist or the salon has responded to them. Did they apologize? Did they offer to correct the issue somehow? Were the complaints genuine, and is there a pattern between their experiences and others with negative reviews?


An eye lash artist might be amazing at what they can do, but it can limited by the quality of the products they use on their clients. A good artist should be familiar with their product, both regarding their quality and any risks they could present to the client. There are two products you will want to pay attention to; the adhesives and the eye lash extensions. The adhesives should be medical grade, and not contain formaldehyde since it can cause irritation on contact. Lashes, on the other hand, should be flexible, light, and soft. Look into what products the artist uses before your session - you might be able to find out online, or when visiting in person.


Hygiene and sanitation

A certified eye lash artist should know the basics of sanitation and tidiness within their workspace. They should know how to sanitize their tools, hands, and work area, both before and after a session. The artist should understand the risks posed by not keeping hygiene up to standard, and should be able to answer any questions you might have regarding this topic.

Consultation session

Many artists will have a consultation session with first-time clients before their procedure, as either a separate visit or shortly before the procedure itself. The session discusses the details of the procedure, the products used, proper aftercare of your eye lash extensions, and advise on selecting the style to go with.

Eye lash extensions are a stylized based on length, thickness, the number of lashes (density), and the overall shape and look (the curl). Take your artist’s advice into serious consideration, as artists are specifically trained to identify styles that suit the person. Even if you have an idea in mind, consider their recommendations and why they are recommending certain styles over others.


Eye lash extensions are a great way to enhance the natural look of your eyes and face. Finding the right artist to help you achieve this can seem intimidating at first, but now you know the metrics that you could use to validate and select an artist to work with. We hope you find the right artist for your needs. Be sure to read our other articles on this topic, as we discuss each point in greater detail.

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