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Which EyEnvy® do we have available?

There are two products we carry at the store, including:

  1. Eyelash and Eyebrow Conditioner (in 2.0 ml and 3.5 ml) 
  2. Intense mascara

We also have access to several other products, including:

  1. Dream liner 
  2. Brow envy pencil
  3. Face envy 
  4. Brow envy definition


  • Dream liner - request for personal order
  • Eyeenvy (mascara - black bottle + topical conditioner - white bottle) - in stock 
  • Brow envy - in stock
  • Face envy - request for personal order

No prices can be posted, customers can request prices 


About Dreamliner by EyEnvy®

The ultimate eyeliner for the desirable “intense” look is provided by a powerful ingredient called “kohl.” Lashes can obtain several beautiful styles, thanks to the 1.5mm tip that can fit in between your lashes. The versatility and strength of this product will leave you looking amazing for hours to follow. 

Why Dreamliner?

Dreamliner offers the benefits that users want, and prioritizes ease-of-use and convenience. Here are some of the features that are unique to Dreamliner:

  1. Water-resistant
  2. A solid, jet black colour
  3. Kohl, a long-time ingredient for potent beauty products
  4. Easy application, with little to no hassle
  5. An ultra-thin 1.5mm tip

What colours are available?

Whether matching your hair colour, or looking to try a new style, Dreamline has you covered. Dreamliner is available in the following colours:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Dark Brown
  4. Grey
  5. Navy Blue
  6. Dazzling Teal
  7. Purple

About Brow Envy by EyEnvy®

The perfect eyebrow can now be created in just a matter of seconds, thanks to this wonderful eyebrow pencil. The thin tips of these pencils allow you to define your eyebrows with more precision and control, giving you a more complete and natural look to your brows. The Brow Envy pencils are also smudge-proof, so no worries about messing with your style for the day. 

Here’s why you should choose Brow Envy by EyEnvy®

Words don’t do this product enough justice until you’ve actually tried it, but here are the three biggest benefits to the Brow Envy:

  1. No sharpener needed, so get a smooth glide every time 
  2. Smudge-proof, no more worries about having to make touch-ups during the day
  3. Excellent control, and very easy to use

Six different colours to satisfy your style

  1. Noir
  2. Marron
  3. Caramel
  4. Brun Clair
  5. Blonde
  6. Ash Blonde
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