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Universal Contour Wraps

Why should I use the Classic Body Wrap?

Whether it’s the beach, the pool, a wedding, or some other social activity, who really doesn't want to have their body looking as best as possible? Eating healthy and working out will certainly help get you in shape, but sometimes those stubborn areas just won’t tone the way you want them to, and perhaps not on time either. 

Skincare expert, Ole Henriksen (from Ole's Sunset Boulevard Spa in Los Angeles), who has celebrity clients like Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron and Eva Mendes, uses Universal Contour Wraps© (UCW) to "unwrap the inches" off his clients. His aim is to help them lose at least six inches, in just one treatment, guaranteed.

He uses the classic body wrap treatment, involving the body to be wrapped in 25 to 30 elasticized bandages that are pre-soaked in a warm and mineral-rich clay solution, developed by Dr. Richard Strem. Where the bandages work to sculpt and tone the body, while the clay absorbs into the skin, drawing out toxins, and therefore detoxifying the skin. This process revitalizes the skin, firming and tightening it, to create the immediate and significant inch loss that we all desire.

Loving it! Medispa uses the exact same treatment with its clients, allowing them to take a nap for an hour, to then awaken to their inspiring inch-loss. It is a highly recommended option, especially if you absolutely have no time to lose!

Classic Body Wrap Treatment

The Classic Body Wrap provides men and women with a safe and effective way to lose inches/centimetres in about two hours. The client should expect to be in the wrap itself for 60 minutes, with the remainder of the time allocated to measuring, wrapping and unwrapping and general preparation. Upon being wrapped, the client is assisted into a vinyl suit to help retain their body temperature while wrapped. It's crucial that at no time during the wrapping process are the natural evaporation processes of the body released.

Classic Body Wrap Process

The exclusive Classic Body Wrap process is carried out using a series of six-inch-wide (15 cm) contour wrap bandages. These bandages are soaked in a warm and natural sea clay solution. The solution-soaked bandages, when applied to the body, act like a giant poultice, similar to a face mask for the body. This giant mask effect will naturally extract toxins and poisons from the body's tissue (adipose fat tissue). Simultaneously as the toxins are being removed, the skin is relieved of its dead skin cells and the fatty tissue is compacted.

Four Steps to Instant Inch-Loss

Once the client is wrapped, wearing their vinyl suit and relaxing, the magic of the Universal Contour Wrap (c) system goes to work:

  1. Detoxification: The clay solution helps the body to develop a smoother, firmer muscle base while the soft tissue above is being cleansed and compacted. Notably, women and obese men (BMI ≥ 30) will show excellent results in diminishing their cellulite.
  2. Compaction: As the skin tightens, stretch marks (scars and blemishes) become less noticeable. People suffering from skin problems like Eczema and psoriasis can benefit enormously, and will see a real difference as soon as the contour wrap bandages are removed.
  3. Improved Lymphatic Drainage: The scientifically proven Classic Body Wrap treatment works in complete contrast to other wrap products, producing very temporary and indiscriminate results mainly through water loss.
  4. Skin Tightening: The exclusive process which is a warm process, resulting in little to no water loss (due to the vinyl suit and clay solution). As a result, we can assure you that the inches we firm, tone and reduce off the body measurements can stay off indefinitely.
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