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What to Look For in a Lash Artist?
Short Answer Here are the main things to look for when selecting an eye lash artist: Their credentials: where they trained and what certifications they hold Which types of eye lash styles to they focus on specifically Previous experience: the artist should have examples of previous clients, often in...
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Best Questions to Ask a Lash Artist
Short Answer When qualifying an eye lash artist for your needs, consider getting thorough answers to these questions and others: What are the artist’s credentials? i.e. training, certification, and experience Is a consultation session included, and will there be a patch test as well? What are the ...
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How to Find the Right Lash Artist for You
Short Answer To find the right eyelash artist for you, try following these steps: Look online for social media profiles or websites of eye lash artists in your area Read the reviews, the credentials, and take a look at the artist’s previous work Contact the artist, and schedule a consultation if p...
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